I am very excited to create this new platform to introduce Mediation services, serving the Rockingham County and the greater Seacoast New Hampshire area.

Mediation offers an informal, secure and non-adversarial process which involves the active participation of each party. A process which focuses upon shared interests, allows for collaborative efforts to obtain and share information necessary to make informed decisions, and to develop and fully explore all possible settlement options.

It is recognized that the guiding principle behind Mediation is " Self Determination ", the belief that the parties themselves when engaged in a non-threatening, cooperative process can develop solutions to their particular conflict which will best meet their respective needs and interests, and that the settlement which they arrive at together through this process can be long lasting.

I plan to periodically post comments to the site which will address common issues involved in the Dispute Resolution Process, and to offer information and tips intended to help readers to better understand the process and to identify valuable resources of additional information.

Everyone confronted with a conflict, or problem, is invited to consider the opportunity to engage in the Mediation process which offers a peaceful Pathway designed to lead to a better future, and to avoid the problems of the past.

                                                  Francis F. Lane JD, CFM



Hanna Lane