Families and Divorce

Divorce, or the separation of a couple, is not an end but an event which may occur along the Pathways of our lives.

Statistics reveal that 50% of all marriages today will end in Divorce. The incidence of Divorce is even greater in second and third marriages.

A Divorce, or separation, will certainly have future ramifications in our lives.

In a Family with children, although the relationship between the parents may be ending the interrelationships between children and their Parents, and between the Parents as well as extended Family, continue and do not naturally end when the Children graduate from High School, or reach some predefined legal age of majority. Children may attend and graduate from College, marry and have their own children.

Avoidance of the insidious acrimony resulting from a High Conflict Divorce, or Separation, can assure that children will continue to have the support, love and guidance of both Parents, so critically important to their physical and emotional childhood development.

This past month I had the privilege to attend a Professional Skills training program offered through Pepperdine University Straus Institute For Dispute Resolution on Family Law Mediation.

The program, presented by two preeminent authorities on Family Dynamics and Conflict Resolution, retired Justice Irwin Joseph and Dr. Donald Saposnek, introduced comprehensive and invaluable information and insights into Family dynamics, and current trends and methods relating to effective Conflict Resolution in cases involving Divorce and Separation.

I have included here on our Resource page an article entitled 'Developing a Mutual Story of Divorce', in which Dr. Saposnek addresses the very difficult subject confronting Parents at the beginning of a Divorce, "What should we tell the kids?”

I look forward to sharing and highlighting additional information and references relating to the Meditation process and Conflict Resolution in future posts.

Francis F. Lane JD, CFM

Hanna Lane